A life in the city, that’s the dream for one Elmira native with hopes of pursuing a life as a video game programmer. Alex Chichester is twenty tears old and has never lived outside of the city of Elmira.

He currently uses his technical skills to document his venture to getting to the big city in a series of blogs on his YouTube channel simply entitled “Alex Chichester”.

The 20-year-old is planning on heading out to NYC but before he leaves the Twin Tiers, he has something that he wants to give back to his birth city. a redesigned flag for the city of Elmira of his own creation. Alex says the flag is exactly what he envisions when he thinks of the city of Elmira and gives a break down of all the components that make up the flag.

“Everything about the city just screams purple to me,” said Chichester. “So it’s a base of purple with a blue line right in the middle representing Chemung river in the middle of the city and on top of that is two gold rings interlocked uniting both the west side and the east side and crossing the river the north and south side and also the rings cross the river at four different points which invokes the four cross bridges that we have in our area.”

Alex says his ideal goal would be to have the city use his version of the flag. He also has a meeting with the city managers office to discuss the possibilities but no matter what the outcome is, his journey won’t stop here.