Runaway Bull Escapes Death, Finds Home In Southern Tier

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The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen is receiving a lot of attention after it welcomed in a runaway-bull with a strong will to survive.

Frank the bull might not look like your typical hero, but his will to survive is a strong one and his journey to his new home at Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen is anything but average.

Frank is one of the hundreds of cattle that come into New York City live markets, or slaughter houses, but his story didn’t end there. 

Susie Coston, the National Shelter Director at the Farm Sanctuary said when they got word of the situation they knew Frank could use their help. 

“He was in the process of actually being unloaded from a trailer and he jumped so he took off and ran and ended up at a college,” said Coston.

That’s right, Frank decided to run himself to a college. No, not to get a degree, but likely because he saw grass, a familiar sign of happier, less stressful days spent on a farm.

Farm Sanctuary Board Member, Tracey Stewart is in the process of founding a new sanctuary in New Jersey. She remembers receiving the call about an escaped bull and told her husband, comedian Jon Stewart, they needed to kick into gear.

“We had a bunch of other things that we had planned to do that day but nothing seemed as exciting as that, so, I grabbed my husband and we grabbed our trailer and we went into Brooklyn to the animal care and control where we saw Frank,” said Stewart.

Frank has now been in Watkins Glen for two weeks after receiving medical attention in at Cornell. Coston who has worked at the location for 16 years, said stories like his motivate sanctuary workers every day.
“One of the nicest things about this job is when you see an animal that is that absolutely terrified and it comes to this farm and the first time that he is out, he’s going to be jumping and frolicking and he’s going to be free,” said Coston. “He’s going to be free, forever.”

Frank’s is a story with an ending animal activists hope to see more often, one life at a time.

“When you become a part of Farm Sanctuary you do end up learning a lot of things that are sad and uncomfortable but the thing that happens on the other side of it,” said Stewart, “is that you really fill up with a bunch of wonderful people and loving outcomes of happy endings.”

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