Corning, N.Y. (WETM) – This week on Mornings in Corning, Grant got to speak to local artist Sam Somostrada. Somostrada makes contemporary and modern art and design through paintings, illustrations, graphics, and love. Earlier this summer 18 News spoke with Sam while he was working on a piece as a part Elmira Infinite Canvas, a program associated with the Community Arts of Elmira, under the bridge of the Lackawanna Trail in Elmira.

On the mural, Somostrada said, “This particular mural means a lot to me because growing up I heard plenty of stories from old timers and my parents about the flood of ’72 and how it devastated Elmira,” said Somostrada. “But, what I wanted to do is show that through any kind of hardship, people emerge with some positivity.”

This Friday he shared more of his work and numerous pieces that are hanging in homes all across the city of Elmira. Sam also brought current artwork he is working to complete with him to show 18 News and the viewers and shared how important it is to believe in yourself! A message everyone can benefit from.

To learn more about Sam Somostrada you can check out his website here. Or you can find him on Instagram here.