CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – Amy Hutto is an acrylic fine artist living in Upstate New York.  Originally from Texas, and having lived in Colorado as well, her time living and travelling in such varied places has greatly influenced Amy’s art; from her unique renderings of wild and domestic animals, to her bold abstracts. 

Formally an art educator of 23 years, Hutto is pursuing the life she spent so many years teaching her students about.  She hopes to engage viewers of her work, inviting them to see beyond the initial glimpse, to pause and connect on a deeper level; to be drawn in by layers of color and energy created by textures and streaks and droplets of gold leaf…to see the traditional with new eyes. 

“New techniques, experimenting with color, layering texture and the act of pure creation are what drive my work.  It is exciting to create something that never existed before, from a blank canvas and tubes of paint; to convey ideas, emotions, and feelings without having to speak.  It makes me happy, and I want to share that with others.” To see more of Amy’s work at West End Gallery click here. Or visit her website.

Amy will have her artwork in the next exhibit for the National Association of Women Artists in New York City and to find out more click here.