ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- An Elmira College senior is looking back at his four years in college, not only as a student but as an artist.

You may recognize some of Alex Taylor’s work, whether you’ve seen it hanging around campus or out in the community. One of the main reasons he decided to attend E.C. is because he knew his artwork would be shown off and not just shoved in a drawer.

He has his parents to thank for his artistic ability. He gets his carpentry skills from his father, and his creative side from his mother. However, nature is his main inspiration, so he likes to take in the scenery around him during drives back home.

Not only has he created art for E.C., but he’s also involved in the community. Taylor had the opportunity to work with the Community Arts of Elmira to create murals, which he has one more to do before he says his final goodbye to college. Taylor also does commission work, which also keeps him pretty busy but it’s something he loves to do and hopes to be able to do more of in the future.

Taylor says he is thankful for every professor, classmate, and community member he’s met over the four years. He’s also thankful for the studio the college provides to art students, Taylor likes to spend weekends and any free time up there, as a way to relax and paint.

Another segment of Mornings on the Go featuring Alex Taylor will air this Friday, March 17th.