ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – David Bishop is a local artist. His passion for art began when he was a child drawing with pencil and paper, that love stayed with him through high school and college.

David has a bachelor’s degree in studio art and has more recently taken the initiative to promote more of his work that he loves.

“Well for me, it’s therapy and relaxing, It’s an outlet for my creativity. I just enjoy color… so I try to incorporate all the paintings… it’s very relaxing,” Bishop said.

He is always striving to use his creativity for the enjoyment of others and to constantly improve in his craft. Bishop believes he has a gift that is intended to be used no matter what.

“I think any artist is hoping to perfect their craft, get better at what they do, build Confidence, which is somewhere I’ve lacked my younger years,” Bishop said. “I’m hoping to be more comfortable, I hit walls like any artist does where I’ll go two or three months and not pick up a pencil… So, I’m hoping to gain the confidence to just do it.”