1 dead, 4 injured in shooting outside PA courthouse


One person has died and multiple people have been injured after a man opened fire outside a courthouse in Fayette County, Pennsylvania on Wednesday. 

Sources say a man and a woman were arguing outside the Magistrate’s office before the dispute turned ugly, as Patrick Dowdell chased his wife across the street, leading her to hide inside the building. Dowdell then shot two people outside and two people inside the building, including his wife and a police officer. 

All 4 victims suffered non-life-threatening injuries, but Dowdell was killed by an unidentified German Township police officer.

“The German Township police officer ran towards the danger, not away. He protected over 30 to 40 people from injury or death. In addition, Hromada and officer Robarto also ran into that danger to do their duty and that duty is to protect the public with disregard to their own safety. Today there were four heroes, Sergeant (R. Scott) Miller, Chief (Dave) Hromada, officer Robarto and the officer who engaged the actor in killing him,”    Richard Bower, the Fayette County District Attorney, said. 

Another officer who was on the scene reflected on the incident. 

“Obviously there’s a lot of mixed emotions when you’re involved in something like that. Basically, I’m just glad the officers are all okay, everything turned out… It’s unfortunate that someone lost their life but I’m proud of my officer. I think everybody did what they were trained to do,”  David Hromada, German Township Chief of Police, said.  

“Across the board, there’s a concern about the security in district judge offices, the courthouse, and not just our courthouse. Every courthouse you go to-yes they have people there-but if someone wants to go in, that’s the problem. In my opinion, and I think a lot of the other individuals with whom I deal, the security is not always going to be sufficient, no matter what, even if you have a lot of security,” Bower said. 

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