CAMPBELL, NY (WETM) – This family from Steuben County never thought their 10-month old infant would get COVID-19…until she did.

“When she tested positive we were in shock, we had tears in our eyes, we were like really? A baby gets COVID?” said Roger Alan Rose, father of Alaina Rose.

10-month old infant Alaina Rose has had a fever for four days. She was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Tuesday.

“Her fever is bad, it’s been bad… 101 to 103 (degrees Fahrenheit), she’s not sleeping at night she’s up every five to ten minutes, she has no appetite,” said her dad.

Alaina lives with her mom, dad, and 17-year-old brother, who have all tested positive for COVID. The family is not vaccinated. Rose explains that if they were to call an ambulance for his daughter, the hospital told them they can only take the infant in the ambulance, due to the rest of the family having the virus.

Like Alaina’s dad, many people don’t think infants will get COVID. But, public health officials say there has been an uptick in infant COVID cases since the Delta Variant began to spread.

This past August, in one month alone, Steuben County reported 20 positive cases in infants (babies under one-year-old). This is over double the amount the county reported from January – July, which was 14 positive infant cases, according to Steuben County Public Health Director, Darlene Smith.

Health officials say that infants that do get COVID, usually don’t have severe symptoms and rarely get hospitalized.

Infants cannot currently get vaccinated, but Pfizer is working on approving the vaccine for children aged 5-11. Dr. Justin Nistico, Infectious Disease Specialist at Arnot Health, says it won’t be long until younger children, including infants, will also have access to COVID vaccines.