18 News Paranormal: Ghosts that checked in to the Lindenwald Haus (Part I)


Three weeks until Halloween and throughout October, 18 News reporter Julio Avila and the Elmira Volunteer Paranormal group are traveling the Twin Tiers, searching places said to be haunted.

They’re looking to explain as to who, or what, is causing the unexplainable. 

With the first of a few segments, they investigate the Lindenwald Haus in Elmira.

“We’ve had a lot of things happen here: we’ve had lights turn on, turn off, doors swinging, hitting people,” Mike Meck, the owner of the Lindenwald Haus, said. “We’ve had contractors quit because their tools were missing and then they come back where they were.”

More than a century ago, the home’s main purpose was to shelter the destitute, but it housed the widows of Civil War soldiers. It then became a home for the aged. Now it’s an attraction and lodge.

Meck spoke of one occasion where he went into the basement to get some measurements and the lights went off, mysteriously.

“I had to get the cellphone out, turn on the phone light and walk all the way back and the switch was off,” Meck said. “Knowingly I was the only one here and the only that had the key at that point.”

Before the investigation began, Adam Nichols, the lead investigator of the Elmira Paranormal Volunteer Group came up with a game plan on how to investigate the house. He decided to split the team into two groups of two– The two investigators, Michael and Michelle as one group and Adam and Julio as another.

Adam used a device called an Ovulis. It’s sensitive enough to pick up disembodied voices using the electric current in the air, but can differentiate between abnormal and human voices.

At one point, Adam and Julio notice the fan in a room with dolls was on. Both do not recall it being on. Immediately, Adam radios Michelle and Michael to see if they can recall.

“No, I don’t remember,” Michelle replied. “I don’t think it was though.”

One of the caretakers on staff at the moment said strange occurrences happen. He also said the fan was not programmed to turn on or off by itself.

On the third floor, Adam and Julio are investigating and a fly flies close to Julio’s ear. The buzzing startles him, but as he jumps, he yells an explicative word.

“Curse,” the Ovulis said.

“‘Curse?'” Julio said bewildered. “It just said ‘curse.'”

“It might mean, like, ‘curse word,'” Adam said. “Didn’t you say (explicative)?”

After the investigation, the EVPG went over their audio recordings. What they found was most likely not said by anyone physically present.

The reveal of the findings will be featured next Tuesday, October 17 on 18 News at 11 p.m. and on MyTwinTiers.com 

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