ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- Polling places around the Twin Tiers opened their doors at 6 a.m. ready for people to come and cast their votes.

Since there are two primaries taking place this year, here is what Vicky Olin, the republican commissioner for Steuben County Board of Elections says you should watch out for, “so the big thing for voters to know is that there is a Republican primary and there is a Democratic primary and in New York State, you can only vote in a primary if you are registered in the party that is actually holding the primary in your town city district.”

On todays ballot, you’ll see local races, governor, lieutenant governor, and New York State Assembly. The primary in August may be a little confusing so here is what you should know about that, “Democrats and Republicans need to turn out for what is, in effect a general election for the congressional seat, Democrat versus Republican. But the Republican voters then have a secondary choice of picking a candidate to run in November because their candidate for Congress in the general election only wants to fill out the term and so another person needs to be selected to run in November for the full term,” says Democratic Commissioner for Chemung County, James Hare.

Polling places are open until 9 pm, “…which probably got lost in the sauce in 2020 when they changed that but a lot of people think primaries are only half a day, we’re all day long,” says Democratic Commissioner for Steuben County Colleen Hauryski.

According to Steuben County, voter turnout has been pretty decent so far. However, according to the Chemung County commissioners, they would like to see a better voter turnout.

“It’s a beautiful day. There’s no excuse for not getting out to vote,” says Hare.

If you feel strongly about a candidate, the best way to see them on the ballot come November is by getting out and voting in the primary.

“I think the thing that voters really don’t quite understand is that if they don’t come out and vote for their candidate today at the primary, then there’s a really good chance that when they go to vote in November in the general election, that their candidate is not going to make it to their party line for the November ballot,” says Hauryski.

If you aren’t sure what party you’re registered as or you aren’t sure where to vote, the easiest way to find out is by calling your counties board of elections office. Also, counties are always looking for election inspectors, if you are interested in helping out there are flyers at all polling places.