CHEMUNG, N.Y. (WETM) – If you see a massive rooster riding around in the town of Chemung, there is a high chance that it may have been stolen. A homeowner located in Chemung is looking for the 5-foot-tall figure that served as a prop in his yard.

The owner told 18 News that he believes that the rooster was stolen early in the morning on Friday, Oct. 13. When he went outside that morning, he noticed that the figure was gone and that there were tire marks at the edge of his grass and by the shoulder of the road by the end of his driveway.

He also noted that he believes the rooster would have had to have been taken by truck, as it was so big that it had to be held down by stakes in the ground with rocks placed on the base to keep it from being blown over by the wind.

If you catch sight of this big bird or anything that could lead to its return, check out the owner’s Facebook post where you can reach out to him with any information you may have.