A local farm grows a unique crop in Schuyler County

A local farm grows chickpeas in Schuyler County

HECTOR, N.Y, (WETM) – Cornell University and Taber Hills are partnering to bring chickpeas to New York State.

The crop collaboration comes as an economic development pilot being used to determine whether or not chickpeas will be economically feasible to grow in New York State.

“This gives us an opportunity to diversify our ag and at the same time help out businesses by growing a crop here, that they don’t, it won’t cost them as much to bring the product in,” said Judy McKinney Cherry, Executive Director of Schuyler County Partnership For Economic Development

Schuyler County is the first in New York State to participate in this crop-growing endeavor.

“We’re trying new things where there’s a market, we found a market, and we’re seeing if we can supply that market,” said Carl Taber, Farmer at Taber Farms

The local farmers planted half a ton of chickpeas to start with. Only time will tell if the chickpeas project will become an ongoing project.

If this initiative does well, there are other farmers in place to start growing more of the chickpeas in New York State.

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