As Easter weekend approaches and the rising cost of goods, businesses work to combat the hikes while consumers adjust too. 

According to CNBC, the cost of meat, poultry, fish, and eggs is 13% higher since February of last year.  

Jubilee Foods in Horseheads is one store that is trying to keep up with the demand. Owner Dave Marks said they’re doing what they can to help their customers.   

“We’re trying to keep some of the rises in costs, we’re absorbing some of that as much as we can,” said Marks. “Again, we offer people like for Easter for example, we’ve got hams, quite a variety as cheap as $1.49 a pound,” he added.

Marks said that people may not buy the same things as before, but they are still shopping.

“We talk to people at the meat case who see and are trading down because beef prices have gone up so much, again, you talk about hams for Easter; they’re buying a less expensive ham because we offer them that opportunity because the hams that they used to buy unfortunately are up significantly over the same price last year,” said Marks.

Marks said that though Jubilee had to make changes to the prices and products they offer, their customers matter. They’ll have a two-day sale next week on bread, water, meat, and produce goods.