WELLSBORO, PA (WETM) – Motorcoaches Rolling for Awareness is a joint effort by the industry’s two leading trade organizations, United Motorcoach Association and the American Bus Association.

Hundreds of motorcoaches representing 3,000 motorcoach companies across the country will be going to Washington, D.C. on May 13.

One Wellsboro man decided to join the fight to financially protect his motorcoach company amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Owner of JGM COACH LLC, Jamie Morral, said the peace rally serves as a reminder to both Members of Congress and the Trump Administration that the industry has laid off 90% of its workforce and is in need of federal assistance due to COVID-19.​

“Every time you hear about a government official speaking, they talk about the airlines, they talk about the cruise industry and the railroad industry. We just feel like in the bus industry they forgot about us.”

Jamie Morral, Owner of JGM COACH LLC

Morral will leave Tuesday afternoon to join the rally—following hundreds of other coach bus owners who have already hit the road.

​”Everyone is saying we need to be careful about starting everything up soon,” Morral said. “But I think at some point we have to get the economy going again.”