About 20% of NY renters might be affected by evictions in 2021


NEW YORK STATE (NEWS10) – As the clock ran out on the eviction moratorium in NY State in December 2020, many wondered if the governor and state senators would do anything to extend the moratorium, which would potentially affect hundreds of thousands of renters across the state who faced rent hardship this year due to Covid-related job issues.

In its latest survey on the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on New York renters, PropertyNest asked: “If you are a renter, how will the eviction moratorium’s expiration on January 1, 2021, in NY State affect your living situation?”

  • 23.1% of survey respondents’ responses suggested that they faced some level of difficulty making their rent payments this year. This statistic includes those who are unsure, those who know they are at risk, those who have been evicted, worked something out with their landlord, and finally respondents who moved preemptively because they were having problems paying their rent.
  • 9.1% of all respondents were not sure if a lift on the stop order of evictions would affect them, meaning they potentially faced issues paying their rent this year.
  • 6.3% of respondents knew that they were at risk of eviction but didn’t have any backup plan, in contrast with only 2.6% of respondents who did have a backup plan. Respondents ages 18-24 made up the largest percentage of respondents who did not have a backup plan who were also at risk of eviction.
  • Only 2% of respondents were able to work out an agreement with their landlord to avoid eviction.
  • As much as 1.8% of respondents were already evicted this year despite any stop orders on COVID-related evictions.
  • 76.9% of all respondents said that the expiration would not affect their living situation, indicating that most renters in the state are still managing to pay their rent on time and for the most part, not suffering from any financial difficulties.

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