ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- National Gardening Day is a day of excitement and encouragement for all new and old gardeners.

Here in the Southern Tier, we are Hardening Zone 5A.

According to ‘Garden Know How,’ Hardiness Zones are the USDA’s general guidelines of how temperatures plants can survive.

If you’re looking to plant some vegetables or annuals, it’s best to hold off on that until early to mid-May.

WETM 18 News spoke with Glenn Miller with Chamberlain Acres about National Gardening Day and when is the best time to get out there and start planting.

Miller says that even though we are Zone 5A- due to our colder temperatures this winter, we could pass for 5B.

“Some places actually have some perennials that have been overwintered those are great to put outside right now. I would stay away from again anything that’s like a vegetable definitely stay away from the tomatoes and peppers, it’s actually perfect,” says Miller.

When asked what are the most popular flowers right now, he says the Easter-like flowers, such as daffodils and perennials.

So, if you want the best outcome for your annuals and veggies, it’s best to wait until May.

However, Miller says the old tale in gardening starts on Memorial Day.

Don’t forget- ‘Watch Our Garden Grow‘ segment returns next month, where we will bring you weekly tips on how to grow the best garden.