Many people live more than a mile from their jobs, and that means most of those people are driving to work. This is good news if you’re interested in becoming an automotive technician. These mechanics can rely on a good income because in addition to repairing broken vehicles, there’s a steady stream of maintenance work to keep other cars in good condition. As technology improves cars’ driveability, reliability, and comfort, it also increases the difficulty of repairing them. Today’s mechanics perform some diagnoses on computers, and must keep up with emerging technology, which varies from vehicle to vehicle, and often changes every few years. If your mind is mechanically oriented, you may want to consider a career as an automotive technician. Trade schools and technical colleges can give you the skills you need to diagnose and repair vehicles. Some schools train for a variety of car brands, while other programs will train for specific types. Ford and G-M offer a two-year program through community colleges that teaches specifically about their car models. This type of training is geared for technicians who want to work for a Ford or G-M dealership, rather than a garage that services all makes and models. Many technical schools often training in basic repair, and don’t concentrate on an particular brand of car. While the learning curve of becoming proficient in all aspects of repair is longer this way, some technicians believe their skills can appeal to a larger number of employers. In either case, you can begin a rewarding career with growth potential. Contact a trade school for automotive technicians, today.