As families now begin to send their children back to school, making sure they are up to date on all shots and immunizations is important.

According to Doctor Laura Leonard, these immunizations are to protect us and our children from various diseases and to prevent the spread of these diseases for those who many not have protection against them. She also stressed that these vaccines are one hundred percent safe for children and will not harm them at all.

Leonard wanted to make sure, that if you have questions about any vaccinations you ask your child’s doctor as this is the best way to get information regarding what your child needs.

Doctor Leonard stated vaccinations are “…something that we give you that causes your body to mount an immune response so that if you are ever exposed to those illnesses your body can fight it quickly and much more effectively so that you don’t get the disease.I think that any bad information out there about vaccines that makes it more confusing for parents to decide. That’s why I definitely advocate, it is important when you go to the doctor that you are comfortable with that happens to your kid and talking with a doctor is perfect, to get the information that you need.”

Once your child is heading back to school do make sure to speak with your local doctor or pediatrician to confirm their vaccinations are up to date or if you have any questions.