Bath Teen Spreads Positive Police Message


After a Rochester police officer was shot over the weekend, one local teen wanted to share a positive experience he had with an officer in the Village of Bath.

15-year-old Bath native Cordell Galvan posted a video on his Facebook page showing Village of Bath Police Officer Michael Jackson playing basketball with local some kids.

“It was just really inspiring to see him come down and play basketball with a whole bunch of kids, take time out of his day,” Galvan said. “I was like, you know you always see the bad things about the police force that people post on the Internet and I was like why not post something good about it?”

His video has caught the attention of many.

“Last time I checked it had gotten over 140 shares and 8K views,” Galvan said.

“My phone’s been blowing up about it, all my friends have been talking about it, it’s pretty cool,” Officer Jackson said.

Jackson, who is still in field-training, said he was more than happy to join in.

“Just getting out of the academy community policing has just been beaten into my head,” Jackson said. “Playing basketball is something that I grew up doing around here, just graduating from Bath, getting the opportunity to do that as a no-brainer for me.”

Though community policing helps build trust between officers and the public in the small Village of Bath, Jackson said officers have to be prepared for any situation.

“It’s something that’s always in the back of your mind but being a small community it’s something that we always hope doesn’t happen here,” he said. “Obviously, with what just happened in Rochester it is something that does go on, but I don’t know, it’s scary but it’s part of the job.”

Fortunately for him, so is playing a game of pick up.

“If I get a chance to do something like that I do it every time,” Jackson said.

The Rochester officer shot over the weekend was released from the hospital Monday afternoon.

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