A Beaver Dams couple is arrested following a traffic stop in New Jersey when police find 650 bags of heroin. 

34-year-old Brian R. Scranton and wife 32-year-old Elizabeth A. Scranton of Beaver Dams were in a 2010 Chevrolet Impala on Sept. 27 swerving lane to lane without using a turn signal when they were stopped by police. 

Police found the following items: 

  • 650 bags of suspected heroin
  • Nine glassine envelopes containing suspected heroin
  • Nine small baggies containing suspected crack cocaine
  • 20 Alprazolam tablets, one Oxycontin pill, and eight hypodermic needles

Brian Scranton was charged with possession and intent to distribute heroin and cocaine as well as other drug possession offenses. He was released on $650 bail.