Belts and hoses


The belts and hoses of your car’s engine are some of the parts that get the most use during day-to-day operation. If one of these important parts fails, it could lead to overheating or even a ruined engine. Your car’s hoses and belts should be changed every thirty-five to forty-five thousand miles. The best time to get these parts replaced is right before the heat of summer. It’s usually a good idea to request equipment that carries a lifetime warranty; the extra money you spend may be worth it in the long run. Prices for engine belts and installation vary widely according to what type of car you have, so be sure to shop around for the best prices. After your new belts and hoses are installed, you can ask the mechanic for your old parts. They may come in handy in case of emergency. For more information on your car’s belts and hoses, contact a local auto parts store or mechanic.

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