ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – As gas prices remain high and temperatures climb more and more, bicyclists are expected to be out on the road this summer.

The weather and the high cost of gas have led some people to have to choose between driving their car or riding a bike.

“I live in Pennsylvania. I’d have to drive cause I work here. Unfortunately, I have to drive my car. If I lived closer, I’d probably ride a bike,” said Bobbi Perry, Twin Tiers Residents.

With gas prices rising, we could see more people riding bikes this season.

“No matter what age they are, they should wear a helmet when they ride a bicycle. It’s just safe. A simple fall off a bicycle from crossing a train track has caused the death of people if they strike their head on the ground,” Wiliam Solt, Captain, Elmira Police Department.

Bikers also have a big responsibility. As bike riders, they must do diligence to practice safety as well.

“As far as the bicyclist, they are responsible for operating just as a car would. They have to ride with the flow of traffic. They have to signal their intention to turn. They are supposed to stop when they see the red lights just like a car would,” said Solt.

Bikers can also receive a 10-dollar fine on the first offense, and 25 dollars on the second offense. After that, the fine will increase to 75 dollars or more for riding bicycles on the sidewalks in downtown Elmira.