Macy’s Place Pizzeria gets creative with Spaghettios pizza


CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y. (WIVB)– A pizza shop in Cheektowaga is finding fame with one of its crazy creations! Macy’s Place Pizzeria is offering up a Spaghettios pizza and its been getting a lot of attention.

“It’s been positive and negative. Some people are like what the heck are you guys doing over there? It’s not something you see everyday. It made it on Reddit, which is pretty cool,” said owner Nicholas Argy.

Argy, who’s run the business for a decade with his father, came up with the concept after a life long love affair with the instant O’s in a can.

“My grandmother couldn’t keep enough in the house for me when my parents were at work and I still eat it to this day,” Argy said.

Spaghettio Pizza (Courtesy Instagram)

But this isn’t your grandma’s bowl of Spaghettios. They are spread over a homemade pizza crust ,topped with cheese curds and some serious spices to give it a little kick.

“The cheese curd that we put on is garlic flavored so you get a little of that in there. It’s an interesting situation but it’s good,” Argy said.

If you’re looking for something a bit more tame, the shop also offers some other unique eats. There’s a double-decker stuffed chicken finger pizza that is a fan favorite and the pepperoni pizza garnered the shop its “Certified Sexy ” award from Buffalo pizza reviewer Sexy Slices.

Argy’s Nutella Candy Pizza

“To beat out some of the big guys, it meant a lot to me and my family. I think afterward I broke down a little bit because I couldn’t believe it,” Argy said.

Argy says he’s constantly trying new things in the kitchen and is even considering putting together a candy topped pizza for Halloween. As for the SpaghettiOs pizza, prices start at $14.99 but customers can only catch it for a limited time.

“I don’t know how long it’s going to last but we’ll do it for as long as people want us to,” Argy said.

For more information on the weird and wild eats at Macy’s Place Pizzeria, click here.

The Chicken Finger Pizza is a best seller

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