HORSEHEADS, N.Y. (WETM) – Incubator Works is helping those in the Twin Tiers eager to become business operators today at their first Regional 2020 Entrepreneurial Summit with keynote speakers.

At the Arnot Mall Event Center, there were 30 local exhibitors displaying their startups, and over 100 people registered to attend the event.

Some of these companies started through Incubator Works, like Sharkey Designs. Brent Sharkey, the owner of Sharkey Designs, launched his business with the help of Incubator Works.

“Asking for help is always tough from the start,” says Sharkey. “Being an artist too, it was really tough to say, ‘Hey I need help’.”

However, with the help of the Incubator Works’ Co-starters Program, he’s been working on his own business for about a year.

“You’re doing a little bit of everything,” says Sharkey. “Before I was just a designer in a marketing team, but not I’m like the strategist, the networker. Knowing every part of your business and when you wake up every day, you’re working 100% for yourself, it’s very motivating.”

The Executive Director of Incubator Works, Nancy Kirby says this is important to her since she also started off as an entrepreneur.

“There’s a real need to help entrepreneurs in our community. If we can take down barriers so more people can start businesses, it’s really going to help our local economy.”

Kirby hopes people will walk away from the summit with new ideas and with ways to upgrade their businesses.