Can Fidget Spinners Help Kids With ADHD Focus?


If you have a middle school age child in your household chances are you know what fidget spinners are. But what you might not know is that they’re particularly beneficial to some students.

“They can benefit children who have sensory issues and people who have anxiety because they’re stress reducing,” Licensed Clinical Social Worker for Clinical Associates of the Southern Tier Christy Bianconi said.

Though it may help students with anxiety issues, Bianconi said there’s no concrete scientific evidence that proves fidget spinners help kids with attention deficit disorders focus, despite what some reports claim.

“There are things we know really help kids with ADHD, being outside, green space, working on diet, removing sugar, being on medication, going to therapy there are things that can help,” she said. “These are just toys and actually serve as a big distraction for kids with ADHD in my opinion.”

But, not everyone agrees.

“These fidget spinners help me in school by making me not be talking a lot,” 6th grader Cameron Faulkner said.

“Cameron has ADHD, so it’s something to keep him occupied as he’s trying to work,” Cameron’s mother Carey Faukner said. “I think the teacher lets them use them when they need to.”

It’s not just kids with ADHD and anxiety who are using fidget spinners. In the span of a week the cell phone kiosk at the Arnot Mall has sold hundreds.

“I think more than 500 almost 1,000 I think,” David Tsiklauri said.

Bianconi said if you’re going to use your spinner in public, just be mindful that others may consider it distracting.

“But it’s all about time and place and using these things in the appropriate time and space,” she said. “And in ways that are socially responsible and respectful to the people around you.”

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