Chemung County’s 911 Center was recognized today by the New York State Sheriff’s Association for meeting the requirements of the State’s Sheriffs’ Accreditation Program for Public Safety Answering Points.

It’s the first time the County has received the honor, and as they hope to do so again in the future, Peter Kehoe, Executive Director for the New York State Sheriffs’ Association, said it isn’t the easiest of jobs.

“The kind of stress that the communicators operate under in these centers where calls are coming in from four services, from six police agencies, 20 fire departments; and these few people working in this center have to juggle all those calls,” said Kehoe.

Douglas Houper, Director for the Chemung County Emergency Communications Center, said technology has been a help for emergency service personnel and hopes it will continue to lead to more progress for the community.

“Every year we have to have documentation that we’re continuing those standards, we’re still maintaining those, so in five years we can go for reaccreditation,” said Houper.

Houper said he wants community members to know that they are ready should they have an emergency call.