The Civil Air Patrol will celebrate their 75th anniversary next month, but the Chemung-Schuyler Cadet Squadron is taking the opportunity to celebrate something else.

“We’ve been around for 75 years. Civil Air Patrol was formed just six days before the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 1, 1941,” Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs Officer Franklin Birt said. “This squadron has been in this area almost as long and again to see the squadron in the last couple of months grow the way that it has is really good sign that the program is healthy and growing.”

Cadet 1st Lieutenant Nick Cleveland agrees more people have been showing interest.

“When I first joined almost 5 years ago there were not that many people here,” Cleveland said. “Not even a consistent 10. As of right now we have about a consistent 30 sometimes – on a good day we have almost 40. So it’s grown a lot.”

Their three primary missions are aerospace education, cadet programs, and emergency services. But Cadet 2nd Lieutenant Daniel Delio said the Civil Air Patrol has taught him much more than that.

“It’s taught me a lot of respect self discipline leadership huge huge and leadership,” Delio said. “I mean I was pretty shy when I came into this program and now you know, here I am.”

Both Delio and Cleveland said they’d like to see involvement grow even more.
“The more people we have the more leadership and staff positions we can fill in the more experience and knowledge people can get from it,” Cleveland said.