Thomas Clayton’s murder trial continued Friday at the Steuben County Courthouse in Bath as six witnesses testified.

The first witness to take the stand on Friday was the owner of Lattabrook Mini-Storage, a business next door to ServPro on Industrial Park Road in Horseheads.

His surveillance cameras record the traffic coming in and out of the ServPro parking lot. Jurors watched surveillance video from Sept. 28 and 29, 2015. 

Surveillance video shows a red pickup truck, which Michael Beard allegedly drove to the Clayton home, around 3 p.m. with an ATV in the truck bed. The truck returns just after 6 p.m. without the ATV. 

At 6:10 p.m. on Sept. 28, cameras show the red pickup truck leaving seconds before the green ServPro truck that Clayton was driving that night.

Footage shows the red pickup truck, with its headlights off, returning to ServPro on Sept. 29 at 12:55 a.m. and a person leaving ServPro on a bike four minutes later.

The second witness was Elise Tetreault, Luke Tetreault’s mother. Luke took the stand on Thursday.

Elise said she didn’t want Clayton’s truck in her driveway so she returned it to ServPro and picked up Luke’s truck on Sept. 29, the day after Kelley Clayton’s death.

She noticed the gas tank was nearly empty in Luke’s truck and there was half-eaten food and trash on the passenger seat. She also noted the seats were pushed back and she had to adjust the mirrors.

Elise testified to not seeing any blood in the truck or  any damage when she picked it up. 

The next witness to testify was a New York State Police investigator who spoke with Beard the day after Kelley’s death. 

He took Beard’s DNA sample and went through cell phones belonging to Beard and Mark Blandford in the days and weeks following Kelley’s death. 

The fourth witness to take the stand was a State Farm Insurance Agent who testified to Clayton’s relationship with the company, saying he would often stop in to talk. 

The agent said they got comfortable with one another and that Clayton started to complain about Kelley a lot in the summer of 2014.

She testified that Clayton said he wanted to divorce Kelley and then later said he can’t because she would take everything.

According to the agent, Clayton inquired about increasing Kelley’s life insurance policy to $1 million late 2014 and early 2015.

She also testified to later having a threesome with Clayton and another agent in February 2015 before having sex with Clayton again a month later.

Clayton had stopped in and discussed the women he was sleeping with and showed the agent a picture of one of the women.

A former ServPro employee, Marissa Clarkson, took the stand next and testified to an incident involving Beard’s termination and a meeting that took place beforehand.

Clarkson said after Kelley’s murder, Clayton would stop in and see what questions police had asked fellow employees.

According to Clarkson, Clayton said, “If I wanted to kill Kelley, why would I hire Mike?”

Clarkson testified to Clayton and Clayton’s father cleaning the crime scene after police cleared the home and that Clayton complained about the blood stains.

Clayton allegedly showed a people at ServPro a picture of a stain that he couldn’t get out and complained about it. 

Clarkson threatened to quit if Clayton came in again because she was hearing things about Kelley’s death that she didn’t want to hear. 

The sixth and final witness on the stand Friday was Kelley’s best friend, Andrea Spirawk.

Spirwak said she introduced the Claytons to each other years ago and described their relationship as ordinary.

Spirwak said Clayton was a loud, flirty, obnoxious, and generous guy, but she was not aware of any extramarital affairs.

According to Spirawk, Clayton had told her at Kelley’s birthday party in August 2015 that he was not sexually satisfied with Kelley.

Clayton looked Spirawk in the eye and said, “I never cheated on my wife, but I don’t know what I’m going to do.’

After her conversation with Clayton, Spirawk said she went to hug him, but he tried to kiss her twice. Spirawk described that encounter as very awkward.

As week two of the trial comes to an end, a total of 24 witnesses have testified. 

Court is adjourned until 9:30 a.m. on Monday.

Clayton, who is currently free on bail, pleaded not guilty in December 2015 to one count of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder in connection with Kelley’s death.

Beard was found guilty in November 2016 of first- and second-degree murder. His sentencing is scheduled for  Jan. 30.

Mark Blandford was charged with two counts of second-degree murder, one count of burglary and two counts of conspiracy. He is currently in Steuben County Jail.

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