CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) — As this year marks the United Nations’ International Year of Glass, today marked the National Day of Glass in the U.S. with Corning’s CEO Wendell Weeks delivering an address in Washington D.C.

This keynote presentation was part of an event that convened artists, scientists, government officials, and industry leaders. Weeks had highlighted multiple human advancements that were made possible by glass, and the role that Corning will play in future innovations.

“At Corning, we know glass,” Weeks said, “The more we’ve evolved its form and function, the deeper glass has made its way into our lives,” he said.

The future of glass was on Weeks’ mind and brought it up during the presentation,

“Looking ahead, our journey to unlock the potential of this vital material is just beginning,” he said, “from addressing climate change, to progressing health care, to advancing communications and computing,” said Weeks.

Corning is celebrating the International Year of Glass in 2022, a year dedicated to the essential role glass plays in building a sustainable, equitable, and better tomorrow.