CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – The Corning City Council voted to opt-in to allowing marijuana dispensaries in the Crystal City.

The city council, however, voted against allowing on-site consumption in the city.

In the vote to allow dispensaries, councilmembers Hunt, ReSue, and Muccini voted against the sale of marijuana in Corning while Mayor Bill Boland and councilmembers Telehany, Paterson, and Hyde voted in favor.

The council unanimously voted against the on-site consumption of marijuana, which would allow for marijuana lounges or other businesses where marijuana could be smoked on-site.

While Mayor Boland voted in favor of dispensaries, he joined in the vote against the on-site consumption of marijuana because “we just don’t know enough about the regulation of it… it’s a step too far”

The Corning City Council is without a representative in the 6th Ward following the passing of Councilman Frank Coccho. Corning Deputy Mayor Chris Karam announced he would be stepping down due to a military service-related medical issue.

The Marijuana Regulation & Taxation Act enacted in March provides municipalities the ability to opt-out of on-site consumption or dispensaries, but communities have only until December 31 to opt-out. Any municipalities that do not act on an opt-out law will be automatically entered into the marijuana retail market on January 1, 2022.

Municipalities that choose to opt-out by Dec. 31, can always opt back in. Community members in Veteran voted to opt-out of all marijuana consumption during the November election.

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