Corning Meals on Wheels is ditching styrofoam for earth-friendly packaging, and they need your help

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CORNING, NY (WETM) – In celebration of Earth Day, Corning Meals on Wheels (CMoW) is hosting a fundraiser to purchase earth-friendly packaging.

“Our volunteers prepared and delivered 67,606 meals for area seniors in 2020. We used 100,000 polystyrenes, or Styrofoam, containers to get the job done. Styrofoam is an excellent insulator, which is important for food safety, and it is inexpensive, which allows us to serve more meals to more seniors. What it is not, is recyclable here in the Corning area nor is it biodegradable. The polystyrene / Styrofoam packaging ends up in the landfill…forever,” said CMoW Executive Director, David Smith.

Last year, New York State adopted a statewide ban of expanded polystyrene, single-use foam food, and beverage containers, and polystyrene loose fill packaging materials. This goes into effect in January 2022. Smith knows that they will need to make this change eventually, but wants to get a head-start.

“We are trying to do this now because it’s the right thing to do,” Smith said. “We absolutely have this by the end of the year.”

But transitioning into sustainable packaging is expensive, so Smith is turning to the public for help.

“We want to make the switch from polystyrene to earth-friendly biodegradable, compostable and sustainable packaging, and we need your help,” said Smith. “At today’s prices, switching to earth-friendly packaging will cost an additional $5,316 per year.”

If you would like to support, click here.

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