CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – All Saints Academy in Corning has announced it will not reopen for school this upcoming academic year due to “a significant and sudden decline in enrollment.”

All Saints said that on August 18, 2022, only 33 students were enrolled. 102 were required to balance the school’s budget.

Parents, teachers, faculty and staff were notified of the closure on August 18, as well, the announcement said. Most families who withdrew their enrollment did so because of financial challenges, according to the announcement.

In the announcement, All Saints Parish pastor Father Matthew Jones, principal Mary Anne Lacey, and superintendent James Tauzel recognized “…the faith, commitment, and dedication of the All Saints Academy staff, who have been some of the longest serving and most successful educators in the Rochester Diocese.”

All Saints Parish will still have youth and family programs, the announcement said.