CORNING, NY (WETM) – All across Stueben County, over 75 restaurants were nominated to have the best burger in the area. After counting roughly 2,600 votes, Corning & the Southern Finger Lakes announced the top 10.

  1. Butcher’s Son
  2. R&M
  3. Frans Landing
  4. Maybe Baby Burgers
  5. Paddy’s Pub & Grill
  6. JB’s Bar & Grill
  7. Big Papa’s Restaurant
  8. Burgers & Beer
  9. Liberty Street Pub
  10. Big D’s

The Butcher’s Son, one of the newest establishment in town claims the top rated burger.

We did it!!! #1 four months open! Biggest of thanks to all of you! The best is yet to come! Stay tuned for more of what you already expect from Butchers Son

Butcher’s Son Facebook.

Dave DeGolyer, Communications Manager at Corning & the Southern Finger Lakes, said that they will be creating a Steuben Burger Trail featuring the Top 10 fan-favorite burger joints, which they intend to launch on National Burger Day in late May.

“The sense of pride, not from an arrogant standpoint but from a people that really care about each other and the sense of community really comes through,” DeGolyer said.