Trump rallies take place in Corning and Painted Post

Corning Bureau

(WETM)- With just 10 days left before the 2020 election, Donald Trump fans held large rallies in Corning and Painted Post.

A Trump train started at 1 p.m. at Ames plaza in Corning and ended at Moes at 6 p.m. A viewer told 18 News she was car number 667 and there were around 10 miles of cars behind her.

On Market Street in Corning, a Trump train ran through while some people stood in protests of the Trump supporters holding signs that said things such as “end racism.”

One protester, Dusty Hewit said “I just wanted to stand out here with some positive messages and make sure that everyone in town, whether they’re visiting or locals, know that this is a safe place, that they can feel loved and supported. This is not what Corning’s about.”

Corning City Councilmen Mark ReSue responded with the following statement regarding the event

I would argue that this IS what Corning is about. This is what AMERICA is about. The same rights that allow the participants in the parade to demonstrate their support for a candidate are the same rights that allow THEM to stand there with their signs and protest. THAT is the beauty of America. THAT is the beauty of democracy! Just because we don’t agree with the view on the other side of the signs doesn’t make it wrong. 

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