Wine tariffs could hurt local business

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CORNING, NY (WETM) – Sometime in the next few weeks, the Trump Administration will decide if they are going to go through with a one-hundred-percent tariff on many European goods, including wine. This has many locals panicked on the effect that this will have on the economy.

The direct effects will be that wine imported from Europe will cost the consumer a lot more according to Scott Osborn who sits on the board of Wine America, a public policy organization for the wine industry in the US. He is also the President and Co-Owner of Fox Run Vinyard. But the indirect ramifications, he said, could hurt the local economy a lot more.

“You’re going to see wine shops close, they are not going to see the income that they used to have when they close they are going to lay people off, the truck drivers who deliver the wine, if they don’t have enough stops to make, you know, they are going to lay those truck drivers off, you are going to see this ramification go up that longer that these tariffs stay on, the more people are going to get hurt,” Osborn said.

Osborn is frustrated that people like him and other industries such as farmers are getting hit so hard with the trade wars when the people making these decisions are not financially burdened as they are. He said that he nor his family volunteered to make such a sacrifice for these wars.

“The people who are going to be affected by the trade war, in many cases, can’t send their children off to college, they have to decide what they are going to eat, they can’t buy a new car, but the people who are negotiating this here in the United States, they still get their full salaries,” Osborn said. They still get to send their kids off to college, they have not been asked to sacrifice anything, and it’s wrong and it cannot continue and it cannot continue to ask the American farmer, the American winery, anybody else to make a sacrifice.”

He continued to say that there is a letter circulating through congress to stop the 100-percent tariff that he claims congressman reed has agreed to sign onto.

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