ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- This unsolved case dates all the way back to 2011. On September 30 of that same year, 18-year-old Nieko Lisi left his home of Jasper, NY with someone and was never seen again.

“He was an active boy, he played sports, he loved outdoors. He was a boy that spoke his mind…sometimes not to my liking, but he was a pretty outgoing kid,” Monica Button said describing her son. “He had some run-ins with the law. It’s just here nor there at this point, it’s been out there I’ve never denied it. Our family has never tried to cover up for him in anything that he’s ever done but I’m 11 years beyond that,” says Button, “…what matters is that my son has been missing for 11 years. No matter what anybody thinks, he’s gone. He’s been gone and I have to live with that, our family has to live with that, our friends have to live with that, and the point is he is a missing person. He deserves to be found.”

It’s believed Nieko was last seen and heard from on October 1, 2011, in Franklin, Tenn. Nieko had ties to Franklin, Tenn. area, he attended school there in 2009-2010. Authorities believe Nieko travelled there after dropping someone off in Michigan.

Last Saturday, Button received a call from Tennessee police saying that human skeletal remains have been found by a hunter. Those remains were found within 5 miles of where it’s believed Nieko was last seen, which is what prompted authorities to call Monica.

“This time was different because he [the TBI agent in Tennessee] reached out to me,” says Button. Over the years anytime she’s seen something about remains found she’d reach out to authorities; it’s not often they reach out to her first. “…people may think it’s crazy, but I pray that it is, it’s been a long time, a long time coming. I do hope that it is my son so that I can bring him home.”

“It’s been a long 11 years,” Button said. While it’s unclear how long it may take for the results to come back, Button is just ready for this to be over. “My goal is to bring him home so that we can have him here with us where he belongs. Right now, I’m living minute to minute,” says Button.

If you have any information regarding Nieko’s case, you’re asked to call authorities in Tennessee at 1(800) TBI-FIND. There is also a $10,000 reward for anyone that can help close this 11-year-old case.