Couple Brings Dollhouse Exhibit to National Soaring Museum


The National Soaring Museum is known for having historical aviation on display, and a recent addition of dollhouses has set up shop inside.

“It gets a reputation that gosh, there’s lots to see in that museum – not just airplanes,” National Soaring Museum Administrative Assistant Jean Doherty said.

It’s not what you’d expect going to a museum of this sort – what some would consider a man’s man museum with gliders on display, but the detail-oriented dollhouses are sure to bring in even more of a crowd.

Trafford Doherty was the executive director at the Curtiss Museum in Hammondsport for over 13 years where it had its own Annual Miniatures and Dollhouse Exhibit around the holidays for over 20 years, but it decided to not do it this year.

Doherty now holds the same title at the National Soaring Museum where he and his wife, Jean, have continued the exhibit. 

Approximately one-third of the dollhouses came from the Curtiss Museum with the remaining two-thirds coming from local hobbyists.

It’s just one of many new projects the museum hopes to bring to the location.

“I want to do photography exhibits,” Trafford said. “I want to do art exhibits. I know a couple of excellent artists – one aviation, and one not. There’s going to be embroidery down the line. Every year we have a big quilt show here in April, and we’d like to get into the mindset of the local public that there is more to see here than just gliders.”

Jean Doherty says the dollhouses will bring in a different demographic than usual making it fun for the entire family.

“We found at our last museum that often a man would come in, and you could see the car parked out there with the wife inside the car and you say, ‘Well, why didn’t you bring your wife in?'” Jean said. “And he’d say ‘Oh, well, she doesn’t want to look at airplanes,’ and I say, ‘Well, wait, a minute, well look what we have here!’ Then he’ll often go out and get her, bring her in, and she’s happy.”

The exhibit will be on display until April 1st, and it will kick back up again during the holidays.

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