ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – For the first time in more than 20 years, drivers in Elmira are enjoying two freshly-paved roads that used to be covered in potholes. On Thursday, crews finished paving Church Street from North Main Street, all the way to the city line at Guinnip Avenue. North Main between Water Street and Second Street was also repaved. That’s a total of 1.45 miles of new pavement (1.17 miles on Church and 0.28 miles on Main). 18 News reporter Nicolas Dubina asked several drivers for their reaction:

“A lot smoother, a lot better, no holes.”

“Church Street has been messed up for a long time.”

“Yeah they’re great!”

“It’s good that they are back this way.”

“Very good, very good.”

“It was time!”

Andy Avery, Commissioner of the Chemung County Dept. of Public Works, says lane markings will be added sometime next week. Avery says the last time that section of Main Street was repaved was around the year 2000. The last time Church Street was paved was between 2001 to 2010, depending on the section.

Crews are aiming to repave 18 roads in Elmira this year, and at least 11 other roads in Chemung County. On Monday, Avery says crews will finish repaving the Sullivan Street underpass. Next up will be Roe Avenue from Hoffman to Walnut, and Erie Street from Miller to Lake Ave.

The full list of 2023 road work projects from the Chemung County DPW is below:

Milled and Repaved

  • Church St. (N. Main to Guinnip Ave.)
  • N. Main St. (Water St. to 2nd St.)
  • Roe Ave. (Hoffman to Walnut)
  • Lake St. (Water to E. Clinton)
  • Erie St. (Miller to Lake Ave.)
  • Sullivan Viaduct (Judson to East Ave.)
  • Lake St. (Wash to Warren)

Overlays (resurfacing)

  • Willys St. (Erie to the dead end)
  • Garden Rd. (Hoffman to Edgewood)
  • Euclid Ave. (Clinton to Fassett)
  • Valentine St. (Miller to Schuyler)
  • Oak St. (Wash to Harper)
  • Coburn St. (S. Walnut to the dead end)
  • Judson St. (Oak to Madison)
  • Powell/Boardman St. (Partridge to Lafrance)
  • Kendall Pl. (Davis to College)
  • Linden Pl. Ext. (Sullivan to City Yards)
  • Pleasant (Mt. Zoar to Franklin)

Other Chemung County Projects

  • Milling and repaving
    • Sing Sing Rd. – CR17 (Retirement Estates to Chambers South)
    • Schweizer Rd. – CR43 (new pavement to the dead end)
    • Philo Rd. – CR70 (the entire street)
    • Grand Central Ave. – CR62 (McConnell to Roosevelt)
  • Asphalt Recycling and Topping
    • Chambers Rd. – CR35 (Tompkins Corner to Murphy Hill)
  • Chip Sealing
    • Bird Creek Rd. – CR27
    • Sagetown Rd. – CR78
    • Lowman-Greatsinger Rd. – CR2
    • Warner St. – CR46
    • Langford Creek Rd. – CR13
    • Park Station Rd. – CR76