Ashley Salter and Mikey Tenerelli, Bachelor In Paradise | Photo Credits: ABC

Get ready to head back to paradise. ABC has announced the cast for the second season of Bachelor in Paradise, which returns with a two-night premiere on Aug. 2.

Once again the cast is a collection of former fan favorites and controversial characters from The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, who are turning to reality TV again for a another chance at love.

Take a look at the new cast, including Playboy model Jade, Virgin Ashley I., Tenley, who found love with Kiptyn on Bachelor Pad but has since broken up with him, and crazy-eyed hair stylist Ashley S. whom we all remember was…well, bizarre. She always kept us and the zombies guessing, that’s for sure.

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Jillian Anderson, 25, News Producer from Washington DC (The Bachelor, Season 19)

Ashley Salter, 25, Hair Stylist from Alpharetta, GA (The Bachelor, Season 19)

Jade Roper, 28, Cosmetics Developer from Los Angeles, CA (The Bachelor, Season 19)

Carly Waddell, 29, Cruise Ship Singer from Arlington, TX (The Bachelor, Season 19)

Clare Crawley, 34, Hair Stylist from Sacramento, CA (The Bachelor, Season 18)

Ashley Iaconneti, 27, Freelance Journalist from Wayne, NJ (The Bachelor, Season 19)

Tenley Mohlzan, 30, Nutritionist from Encinitas, CA (The Bachelor, Season 14 and Bachelor Pad, Season 1)

Juelia Kinney, 30, Full-Time Mom from Portland, OR (The Bachelor, Season 19)

Dan Cox, 32, Small Business Owner from Las Vegas, NV (The Bachelorette, Season 9)

Kirk DeWindt, 32, Personal Trainer from Minneapolis, MN (The Bachelorette, Season 6)

Mikey Tenerelli, 33, Business Owner from Winfield, IL (The Bachelorette,Season 9)

The cast will also include four contestants from the current season of The Bachelorette, to be revealed at a later date, and a “mystery woman.” Described as “sexy…with an attitude and connections that are sure to shock everyone,” do you have any idea who she may be?

What are your thoughts on the Bachelor In Paradise cast?

VIDEO: Our first impressions of the new Bachelor in Paradise cast

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