WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — After multiple tornadoes ripped through the area, the president promised a full federal response for those affected.

“The scope and scale of this destruction is almost beyond belief,” President Joe Biden said.

President Biden says the damage he witnessed is unlike anything he’s seen before.

“Back where I’m from, we’re used to hurricanes and floods and high water, but these tornadoes are just something totally different,” the president said.

On Wednesday, the president surveyed the tornado damage in Kentucky and expressed concern for those affected.

“This is one of those things where, I think, the vast majority of Americans know what you’ve been through just looking on the television,” the president said.

Biden emphasized his administration is working quickly to do everything it can to help.

“There’s no red tornadoes or blue tornadoes. There’s not red states or blue states when stuff starts to happen,” the president said.

With the loss of life and homes, the president promised ongoing federal support.

“Don’t hesitate to ask for anything. If we can’t do it, we’ll tell you we can’t. Imma tell you from experience how you can maybe get it done, if you can’t get it done through the federal way,” Biden said.

The president also said areas affected may need aid or resources weeks or months from now and says his staff is prepared to help.