ELMIRA N.Y. (WETM) – Mom is a name some hold dear to their hearts and is a title we often associate with many different motherly figures. It’s a position that carries a lot of mental weight. In addition to May being the month we honor our mothers. May also observes maternal mental health by spreading the importance and raising awareness of mothers’ mental health during and after pregnancy.

In this week’s discussions, mothers from the Southern Tier discuss the influences mothers and mother figures have on our community. Also, the obstacles that come with the ‘Mom’ title. 

Community Advocate, Rosland Geter, organized and co-moderated the discussion.

  • Charmaine Marshburn, Community Resident
  • Shannon Palko, Pastor
  • Bridget Weigel, Mother
  • Stacy Preston, Kingdom Builder
  • Debora Spivey, Community Resident

Full Discussion: