With the Elmira Mammoth kick off of the hockey season happening tomorrow at First Area, local businesses are content in knowing their weekend revenue for both post and pre event revenue will be higher.

“I know already the Clarion Hotel has done a lot of business with us.” Says Jacob Johnson, the Mammoth Boradcasting & PR Director. “As well as downtown… People are going to be coming there afterwards.”

First Arena has had a rough history & multiple changes in ownership. Between the variety of new events taking place there and the new hockey team, we not only get to look forward to fun things to do on the weekends, socializing and entertainment, we also get to look forward to the resulting economic growth as we receive visitors from out of town, coming to Elmira, for these events, and although increased spending. Local spending, that is.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to yet, be sure to grab your tickets and join the festivities as we support both local Elmira Mammoths and local Binghampton Black Bears in one of their season kickoff games at First Arena.