Drivers continue getting stuck on infamous Dunkin’ Rock


This Dunkin’ Donuts on Keystone Ave. in Sayre may look like the 8,500 others across the country but…

“This Dunkin’ is special because of the rock which is a surprising thing but it’s the truth,” Dunkin’ Employee Timothy Henry said. 

The Dunkin’ rock…Loved my many, and hated by the over 50 people who have driven over it, gotten stuck, and had to be towed off.

“Day we were sitting at work and we saw a car actually drive up on the rock so we were like oh my goodness there’s a car stuck on the rock,” Henry said. 

If you’ve never experienced the Dunkin’ rock you may be wondering…How? Sayre High School teacher Amanda Jenkins explains it happens when drivers, in a hurry to get their caffeine fix, take the turn into the lot too quickly. 

“It’s happening all the time and if you have a large vehicle or an SUV and you pull in there the peninsula does kind of become invisible once you’re pulling in so unless you’re local and now to avoid it it would be easy to kind of forget and get stuck,” Jenkins said. 

The Dunkin’ rock has become such a hit in the valley that it even has it’s own Facebook page. With more than 3,000 followers, the page has been viewed in 7 different countries. 

“I kinda did it as a community awareness to let people know yo!, the rock is here don’t hit it take your time going in there or you’re going to get embarrassed for hitting the rock and it’s pretty much gone viral,” Dunkin’ Rock Facebook Page Creator Charles Dykins said. 

The rock even becoming the inspiration for some local teacher’s spirit week costumes. This Instagram post scoring free donuts for Mrs. Jenkins class. 

“The next thing we know we’re getting students coming in telling us we have hundreds of likes on Facebook and that we’re famous and they were all excited,” Jenkins said. 

People from near and far traveling to get their picture taken with the infamous rock. One, from as far away as Spain! And while some are having fun with the phenomenon, others not so much. Some even petitioning for the rock’s removal.   

“The purpose for the rock is because there’s a parking space right next to the rock so when cars fly in like they do, they would hit the car so the rock is actually doing the purpose of what it’s there for. It’s to catch the cars on top of it so it doesn’t hit a vehicle another,” Henry said. 

We did reach out to the towing company responsible for getting the cars off the rock, they say while it may be a major inconvenience. The cars usually sustain only minimal damage if any. There used to be a bush in place where the rock is now, but that only lasted for a few days.

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