There are a few things you can do that will make driving in the rain safer.

First. How old are your windshield wipers? Old wipers can smear your windshield and make it hard to see. Put some new ones on. They cost anywhere from 15 to 40 dollars.

Second. Check your tires. If they don’t have a lot of tread, they will not stop well on wet streets. They can cause you to skid and hit things.
Next, make sure the inside of your windshield is clean. You want to be able to see well when it’s rainy. And think about how a dirty windshield will affect you at night in the rain. It isn’t pretty.

Finally, slow down. If there is a lot of water on the road and you’re driving too fast your car can hydroplane. Which means your tires are gliding along on the top of the water and no tread is gripping the road.