NEW YORK STATE (WWTI) — Although it’s been decades since segregation was declared unconstitutional, New York is still ranked one of the worst states in the country for racial equality in education.

This ranking is based on the study 2022’s Best States for Racial Equality in Education released by WalletHub. The study found that school districts that have a high concentration of white students receive $23 billion more per year than those that have a high concentration of non-white students.

To determine which states have the most racial equality in education, WalletHub compared the 50 states across six key metrics. This included the gaps between white and Black people 25 years of age or older with at least a high school degree, a bachelor’s degree, standardized test scores, average SAT and ACT scores and graduation rates.

Overall, Wyoming’s education system has the most racial equality while Wisconsin’s education system was ranked the worst for racial equality.

New York was found to have the fourth-worst racial equality in its education system, with large gaps in adults with at least a bachelor’s degree and average SAT scores. New York also has the third-highest gap between white people and Black people in high school graduation rates.

Specific findings are listed below:

  • 3rd highest gap in public high school graduation rates
  • 3rd highest gap in adults with at least a bachelor’s degree
  • 9th highest gap in mean SAT scores
  • 11th highest gap in adults with at least a high school degree

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania ranked slightly above New York, at the seventh-worst position. Specifically, the ranking said Pennsylvania the highest gap in ACT scores, as well as one of the highest gaps in standardized-test scores.

Full findings from the study can be found on the WalletHub website. Data for all rankings were collected from U.S. Census Bureau, National Center for Education Statistics, ACT and College Board.