ELKLAND, P.A. (WETM) – The Herman family say they are thankful after 12-year-old, Bennet Campbell banged at their front door to alert them that their house was on fire while they were sleeping.

The fire began during the late hours, around 10 p.m., on Thursday, June 1. The Herman family says the outcome could have been different if it wasn’t for Bennet’s bravery.

Bennet and his family were walking from the park when they noticed the back of a house was on fire. He ran to the front door to alert the family in case anyone was home.

“I ran to the house and started pounding first and then started kicking at the door. It started working its way to the front of the house and started up towards the roof,” said Bennet.

Kyle Herman, his two children, and their pets were inside the home during the fire.

“He said the back of your house is on fire. So, I ran to the back door, and then as soon as I opened that, the flames were out of control already,” said Kyle. “I was blasted with smoke and flames, I ran upstairs, grabbed my daughter, got her outside, ran back in, grabbed my son, got him out and I was catching my breath. I was wanting to go back and to try and get our pets but is too late,” he continued.

Kyle is recovering after being admitted to the hospital for several days to treat burns from the blast on his forehead, ears, and hands. The Herman family also lost their dog, Hiro, and cat, Diggs, in the fire. They are missing a gray and white cat named Ringa.

Ringa, Herman Family missing cat.

Kyle’s sister-in-law, Brittany Phelps, started a GoFundMe to assist the family as they do everything they can to rebuild their lives and cover medical expenses. So far, the family has received an abundant amount of support and says they are very grateful to the community for all their support.