Elmira’s operating budget, which was proposed back in December, will likely go into effect Monday night.

That’s if the city council doesn’t want any changes in their meeting Monday night.

Under the proposed budget, there will be a 17 percent property tax increase. City manager, Mike Collins said with more than half the homes in the city assessed at $50K, a 17 percent increase works out to be about $192 more a year or $15.83 more per month; a necessary measure to keep the city’s first responders at full staff:

“Certainly isn’t something that we are excited about as far as the 17 percent,” Collins said. “But I can tell you that the one thing that I didn’t want to do as well as other council members didn’t want to do was lay offs for police and fire. And that’s probably the biggest reason why there weren’t changes made to the proposed budget that I presented.”

Changes were made to the proposed capital budget, which still have to be approved by city council.