CORNING, N.Y. (WETM) – The Corning Museum of Glass has once again been featured on the popular Netflix Series “Blown Away”, and one museum curator who appeared as a guest finale evaluator, said she’s proud to represent Corning in such a big way.

Blown Away Season 3 premiered on Netflix on July 22, 2022 and features another round of glassblowing contestants. The 10 glassmaker artists compete over the course of 10 episodes for the title of “Best in Glass.”

Corning Museum of Glass Curator of Postwar and Contemporary Glass Susie Silbert served as a guest evaluator for the finale episode of Season 3.

“I wasn’t surprised the artists were so good at what they do,” Silbert said, “but man, to see it all in action was really unbelievable.”

As curator, Silbert said she’s used to making decisions about what goes on display at the Museum, but it was a new kind of pressure having to make decisions in front of the artists themselves. She also had to take into account how museum visitors will interact with the pieces when they’re on display.

CMoG President and Executive Director Karol Wright said, “We are thrilled when we hear from our visitors that they were inspired to visit and learn more about glass by watching the show. As we mark the halfway point of the United Nations’ International Year of Glass, it is especially exciting that new audiences from around the world are being introduced to an art form that is at the heart of what we do at The Corning Museum of Glass.”

The winner of the season will receive a “Blown Away Residency” at CMoG. The winner will focus on the Museum’s Amphitheater Hot Shop, CMoG said. Though Silbert clarified that she doesn’t think you can “win at art”, for the first time this season, the season’s winning piece will be displayed at the Corning Museum of Glass, along with one piece from each of the 10 contestants.

Silbert said “it feels different” hearing from contestants how much Corning means to them and the world of glass art, and she was excited to be a representative of the Museum and the community.

“We all know, as people that live here, how amazing Corning is,” Silbert said. “But now everyone else will, too, and not just from us.”