NEW YORK CITY (WETM) – Saturday Night Live returned for its 47th season on October 1, and the writers didn’t let former Governor Andrew Cuomo off the hook.

In the season premiere cold open, SNL rookie James Austin Johnson took on the role of President Joe Biden, calling for moderate and progressive Democrats to find common ground in the drama currently swarming Congress.

SNL favorite Pete Davidson then returned as Andrew Cuomo in an effort to calm down Johnson’s increasingly-frustrated Biden.

“It’s gonna be more than okay,” he said. “Us Democrats have had each others’ back no matter what. We’re like one big Italian family. And you know what Italians like to do? Hug, and kiss, and run their fingers up each others’ backs.”

He then went on to urge his fellow Democrats to pass the $3.5 trillion bill, saying “Just like me, it deserves another chance, and a third chance… and up to at least 11 chances,” a jab at the bombshell report from the NY Attorney General that contained 11 women’s accounts sexual harassment from Cuomo.

Then Davidson plugged a new book. “The first one was called ‘Lessons in Leadership’, and my new one is called… ‘WHOOPS’,” he said as he held up a spoofed cover of the real Cuomo’s book, “American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Earlier this year it was revealed that Cuomo would make more than $5 million from the book that was criticized for being self-congratulatory and released just as New York’s COVID-19 cases surged last fall. The book deal also led to another investigation against Cuomo, alleging he used state resources to produce and promote the memoir.

The cold open finished with SNL alum Alex Moffat’s Chuck Schumer showing up to promote his own new book: “Sandwiches I Have Liked and Tried”.

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