‘Dateline: Finding Sarah Goode’ examines the case of a Long Island woman who vanished without a trace


(NBC) — Friday on NBC4, “Dateline” reporter Andrea Canning examines the disappearance of Sarah Goode, the youngest sister of a large, tight-knit family on Long Island, who vanished without a trace.

The all-new two-hour show begins at 9 p.m. and features the latest in the case, as well as extended interviews with key players in the investigation. Hear from Sarah Goode’s family and friends, Prosecutor Janet Albertson and more.

Here’s a preview of Andrea Canning’s report:

On the night of Friday, June 6, 2014, Nick says Sarah was happy. She had recently broken up with a boy she’d been dating for two years, and was looking forward to a night out with friends. Nick had agreed to babysit Jocelyn, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary when Sarah came by his house to drop off her daughter.

NICK GIANNETTO: I had came home from work. And she’s like, “Paint my nails.” And I was, like, “Ah, leave me alone. I’m tired. I’m going in the shower.” She was, like, “No, I want you to paint them now.” So I was, like, “All right, come on.” We laughed and we talked. You know, she was going out for the first time in a long time.

Before she left, Sarah posted on Instagram — a smiling selfie showing off her freshly painted nails.

ANDREA CANNING: Did she have any parting words when she left the house?

NICK GIANNETTO: “I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I love you.” Kiss. Kiss. Kiss. Jocelyn, kiss. And — very happy — got in the car and left.

But Nick didn’t see Sarah the next day. No one did. She was supposed to pick up her daughter at a family birthday party, but she never showed. And all calls and texts to her phone went unanswered.

ANDREA CANNING: That’s gotta be an awful feeling.

NICK GIANNETTO: Yes. In your mind, and in your heart and your soul, you’re saying to yourself, “This is not normal, you know? This is not Sarah.”

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